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Communication and marketing are not objectives in their own right. They are there to contribute to business results. Business results like increased sales, new markets or improved image. Our business focus is realising your objectives. From start to finish we offer all the tools needed to develop and implement integrated communication programs for a range of audiences. This helps your company to expand its reach through creative marketing that connects culture with company brands.

MD Communicatie is a specialist in marketing communication in the agribusiness and food & beverage sectors. Clients range from farmers to food processing companies, from governmental institutions to international traders.

We provide services in corporate issues and advertising, market research and visual communications.

Based in The Netherlands, we work on international communication projects that engage constituencies and influence behaviour.


Research (31-3-2019)
Want to know more about the mentality of dutch consumers regarding food (products or packaging) or other agriculture related products, like fertilizers or flowers? Feel free to contact us for information on our marketresearches.
International focus (20-3-2019)
MDCommunicatie knows about agri- and horticulture and the effect of culture on communication. Companies may have to make small or large adjustments in their production or marketing to reach international objectives. Contact us for research and advise.

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